Author: KSUTarifa


Classic surfing is perhaps the most difficult and at the same time the most exciting type of surfing there is. You are one on one with the ocean and waves without access to any additional assistance unlike in kitsurfing or windsurfing. Your body and board must become one synchronized unit. Only after catching your first wave you realize and begin to appreciate that there is no other experience as unique and rewarding as this one.

We are confident that you will seek to experience this excitement time after time!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle surfing)

The simplicity of this type of surfing is what makes it fun. It does not require any special physical training and certain skill, at least in the initial learning stages.

Paddle Surfing teachers and fine-tunes the balance and feeling of one’s body. This kind of surfing can be practiced both on flat water and in small waves. Waves can be raked with an oar and surfed as in classic surf.

When the water is calm you can take for a ride on the board even the smallest members of your family as well as pets. It is quite safe and very exciting.

In addition SUP will allow you to explore ponds, lakes and rivers.


There are several types of classes: