отзыв 7

Author: KSUTarifa

Today is the last day of my training and I’d like to share with you my experience with KSUTARIFA. ☀️

No one here makes any promises that you will get up and ride on the 1st lesson or that things will go easy. But you will understand exactly how to make it out alive if you get in a jam. You will understand how to handle a kite and your gear. You will not be rushed, you will have the time you need to go through all the important steps. I could not imagine how much patience and care they have! Always calm, gentle, with humor and warmth… thank you! Ocean is always unpredictable, large waves, changing wind etc.. but there are always other aspects to master. There are different types of equipment as well. Today, for example, we tried SUP (a huge inflatable board with an oar). The guys do their best not only to help you learn but also to help you be comfortable and have fun in the process! It does not really matter if you are in the ocean, at the kite station or you just going to the restaurant together. Thoughts materialize, so I’m already thinking I will be returning (and more than once). Zhenya and I are already missing you and sending mental hugs.