About us


Our school and station is located in the small, provincial town of Tarifa on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar in Southern Spain.

We strategically selected this site due to the uniqueness of the geographical location in the Strait of Gibraltar with plenty of windy days as well as wide beaches exceptionally safe for teaching.

Our primary goal is to make your rest and training as comfortable and safe as possible!

We offer:

– training in kitesurfing, windsurfing and classic surfing

– equipment rental

– lodging: at the kite station, private houses on the coast and apartments in Tarifa

– Stand-up paddle rental and training

– repair, cleaning and equipment storage

KSUTarifa is a combination of the close team relationship, time tested teaching methods and extensive field experience of our instructors!

You will experience cozy and equipped kite camp, pleasant friendly atmosphere, group dinners and walks on the beaches, trips to interesting places and concerts in Tarifa as well as in the surrounding areas, videos and photography of your arrival and classes along with all the information, support and advice, training and equipment you may need!

Welcome to the kite center KSUTarifa!

Tarifa - a place created by nature itself for outdoor activities and extreme water sports


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Rest, roll and do not worry about anything!